Sunday, November 18, 2007


On Thursday, we departed for the beautiful and unique Lamu. Although we started then returned to Nairobi after 30 min on our first departure. There was a oil temp problem and we returned and after an hour delay departed for Lamu.
One of the many channels the whined around these islands.
The arrived to the grass thatched roof termimal and went to the taxi station to take to boat down to Shella which is about a 40 min walk south of Lamu. It is just beside the 12 km long Shella beach.
We met some new friends along the way. Two Elizabeth and Julia were from Germany and there was also Steve who was from England. They were all interning at teachers as the German school in Nairobi and then traveling afterward.
We went from Manda Island where the planes land over to Lamu Island.

The old Dow boats are everywhere.

Our activity cordinator from the Banana House who that evening had his our bomb box that he walked around with.

Our view into the courtyard.
Our breakfast.
More than 50% of the land is Shella is owned by foreigners. Nice Italian boat.
A slight squall came for a while.
We went up to Lamu in the morning to get a tour of the World Heritage City which is almost all Muslim.

Cars don't fit down these street.
A lamb which will be part of the celebration for the end of this building's completion.

A stone where they used to sharpen their swords.

A little more rain.

The Market.
The fish market.

The meat market

One of the over 20 Mosques all over the city.

Our guide.
Ali Hipi who invited us over to his house for the next evening.
An old chair made with ebony and ivory. Both are not legal any more.

We went on a snorkel and bbq trip with our German friends.

Steve and Julia with Marco our guide.
Fishing, Steering, and Doing the motor at the same time.

We found some big shells.

There was boat race that afternoon.

This is at Ali Hipi's house. He has been inviting people over to his house for 35 years. Lets just say it was very interesting to say the least. It was some good food. We were there with 3 girls from Britain who were Volunteering in Mombasa for a couple of months.

After we ate everyone came out and sang music for US.

Went and hung out at the beach for the last morning . It was nice to say the least. Had some more fun with my buds that I hung out with for the whole time.

There are so many reasons why I will be back here. This place is amazing. More than anything I hope is keeps its character. Things to come back for getting a bottle of Coconut Wine, going to swim with Dolphins, hanging with more of the people, learning more about the history, and many more. By the way they need more teachers and teachers to teach teachers. If there are any takers let me know.

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